What makes LINUX More Secure than Windows?

5 11 2011

In today’s age of technology and its advancement, security plays an important role. Information has become a valuable asset and its protection is of high importance. Most of the people till now have been using Windows as their operating system. However, operating systems like LINUX have been ignored by vast majority of people due to lack of knowledge about this stable operating system. The way WINDOWS has been marketed makes it a leader in the operating system domain. This leads to people not understanding the usefulness of an operating system like LINUX.

Here we will discuss about how LINUX provides more security as compared to the WINDOWS

environment, which we use mostly.


In Windows, by default a user is given administrator rights, thus having access to various crucial parts of a system. Thus viruses can easily gain access to the system. The way in which account privileges are assigned in Linux makes it more secure.Users are not allowed to have root access, instead users are given lower-level accounts which mean that virus wont attack the root files of the system and just the user’s local files would get affected.

Malware and effects:

Its very difficult to make the Linux system fall prey to social engineering activities due to the set up of user accounts and the root privileges. However, in case of WINDOWS, if you open an attachment containing malware, it can cause disaster throughout an organization.


WINDOWS is essentially a monoculture; with majority of the people using computers have it. This makes it more susceptible for attack.

On the other hand, Linux has different distributions and thus different variety of technologies is incorporated. There are many operating shells, much different kind of packages. Thus, reaching out to a Linux machine for attack is far more difficult.

Security proportional to number of people working to build it:

In case of Windows, there are specific set of paid developers who try to find problems and fix it.

In case of Linux, countless users contribute to add security features, thus making it more impervious.


Hence, considering the above points, it becomes obvious that Linux users have a lot less to worry about.

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