Bank compromises

10 10 2012

The world as we know it is getting more complex and more dangerous. There are security issues, flaws and problems that bad people try and take advantage of. In the cyber realm there are constant ploys to infiltration and exploit systems either for person gain or for kicks. As you have noticed there have been several DDoS attacks on banks in the previous weeks, making it hard for customers to access their accounts. With this type of problem occurring right now, it’s only a matter of time before some other type of attack comes into fruition.

An article posted on by Dan Kaplan stated that, “Security researchers at RSA have been warned that a sophisticated attack is being hatched in order to raid customer’s bank accounts at some 30 banks in the U.S.” (Kaplan, 2012). The news surfing around is that a Russian Cyber gang is planning an attack to utilize consumer’s computers and process unauthorized wire transfers. In order for this attack to happen the Gozi Prinimalka gang (named after the Trojan that will cause the mayhem) will call on the help of supporters (botmasters) to manage and implement attacks from infected Trojan computers. In the article is goes on to say that the botmasters who will be trained to perform the MITM attack won’t be given access to the code of the Trojan. This will ensure that the botmasters rely on the Gozi Prinimalka gang. The plan seems as though it is well thought out and can pose a serious threat to banking customers.

These attacks will occur when “the attacker uses a virtual machine-synching module to mimic the victims IP address while accessing the targeted bank account. In addition the ring will utilize phone-flooding software to prevent the victims from receiving bank notifications of usual money transfers.” (Kaplan, 2012) Most banks are going to be targeted due to them not having enough security authentications to providing the proper access need without being hacked. If this takes place accounts will be hacked and it will cause problems. I recently received a phone call last week stating that my bank account had been hacked and that they were going to issue me a brand new card without any charges. This made me think about all the millions of people that can and will be affected if this happens.




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