The Art of Cyber War

9 12 2011

In my blog on Sep 23, I have discussed about applying the strategic principle from the ancient Chinese military treaties, “The Art of War” that knowing your enemy is the key to win a battle, we will finish the discussion by analyzing the last 1/3 of probability to win a Cyber War (CBW).

It is critical that we master the advanced technologies and acquire the insight of our capacity as well as our enemy, but without strategic methodology to apply our knowledge and techniques, we won’t have the full confidence to win the war as SunZi would have.

We need to not only secure the nation-wide critical infrastructure but also individual networks as the impact of an attack can be spread from any corner of Cyber space to the massive major network backbone structure. Therefore, we need to implement different strategies according to hieratical structure. To build a centralized secure control over national critical cyber network such as Dem, Drinking water system, Bank, Hospital, Energy, Transportation, Government Network, and Commercial Nuclear Reactors, etc is at the top of this hierarchy. For private institutions, we need to have a designed secure control that fits into particular needs of an individual institute such as the network secure needs would be much different between General Motor and Google, and Papa John’s Pizza Restaurant.  For individual users like students, there should be a several security control service offered by the institution the users work for or affiliated to. The security system from the top of hierarchy to the bottom should be connected or associated in a large database that can trace or track the connections between each incident in order to better prevent the spread of the attack to major infrastructure.

At the space that is most vulnerable such as a database center of a Cloud Computing Facility, there should be a continuously upgrading and transforming secure management to lead the game with hackers who are similar to virus in terms of constantly transforming and upgrading as well. To take control of virus, we have to keep create new vaccines.




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