Simple Rules to Help Protect Your Information and Privacy Online

8 11 2011

Internet has become such a powerful tool these days that people often tend to lose track of their security measures and unknowingly disclose information which is not supposed to be disclosed.

Hence, while using internet it is very important to keep an eye on subtle details which can help protect and preserve information from being used by unauthorized sources.

Do not reveal personal information incessantly:

Configure your web browser using preferences, whether you want to reveal personal information or not. Be more careful if the computer is being used by multiple users.

Keep a clean email address:

Do not publicly throw away your email address and get spammed. Keep a separate email address for personal use and use an email address with dummy name to email large number of people.

Beware of phishing sites:

Be cautious of phishing sites as they can extract confidential information from you by having look-n-feel of a genuine site. Only reveal sensitive data over a secure connection.

Make sure your home computer is equally safe:

Most home computers are very unsafe. Make sure your computer is turned off when not in use as system hackers are always in search of unsafe computers which are the most vulnerable.

Use encryption:

Seek out internet service providers and add-on products which provide good encryption to protect against threats.

Hence, considering the above points, it becomes obvious that online privacy is of optimum importance.





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